writing resources

My presentation on the how’s and why’s of self-publishing for the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference

Below is a list of the resources I’ve found the most helpful in my writing journey.

I also highly recommend the following resources. Most of them are affiliate links, so if you click to buy them, I’ll get a small portion of the commission.

A great beginner’s guide to blogging

I planned my entire work-week by this book. Excellent resource. It works.

My favorite eBooks describing the exact process of writing a book proposal.

This challenge has been updated recently. I’m going through it again myself!

Just started a blog? Check out how to start out well.

Packed full of ideas for making your eBook creation and launch a success!

The gold standard for platform-building. Full of practical tips

Pinterest is the #1 source of traffic on all of my blogs. Learning how to create a good pin is crucial.

One of the best marketing books on the planet.