Tips on Finding a Certified Tax Attorney

If you own a business, finding a good tax attorney is crucial. Most business owners do not realize how complex and technical tax laws can be and for anyone without legal and tax knowledge, it is very easy to ignore potential risks and fall into the IRS trap. When choosing a tax attorney, however, you need to ensure that you pick one who is reliable and can help you manage your taxes the proper way. Here are some tips on how to find the ideal tax attorney.

Expertise and specialization

When choosing a tax attorney for your business, you should choose one who has experience with IRS experience. Such specialization is important as IRS specialists not only have general tax knowledge, but they also know how the department works. This practical knowledge is important as it enables them to apply the insight they have on a wide range of tax issues to your own circumstances to help you avoid liability.


When choosing a tax attorney, you must ensure that they are licensed to practice in your state. Apart from being bar-certified, your attorney should have specialized in tax law. If you have the choice between one with a Master of Laws or not, going with the former would be better. If you anticipate a difficult case, an attorney who is also certified as a public accountant would be an ideal choice.

Get referrals

Sometimes, finding the ideal tax attorney is as easy as asking friends or colleagues to recommend someone they have used before. If you already have an attorney for other aspects of your business, you can ask them to recommend a good tax attorney at their firm or other firms that they can vouch for. If you do not have any leads, you could also check referrals by the state bar association. On their website, you can go through information about prospective tax specialists and choose one based on their credentials and experience. Professional organizations such as Dallo Law Group are also worth a try.

Meet your lawyer

Once you identify a prospective tax attorney, it is time to meet them. During your initial meeting, you should ask them all the questions you have, especially regarding their expertise and fees.

Finding a good tax attorney can be as simple as following these simple steps. If you own a business in San Diego, do not hesitate to contact the team of tax specialists at Dallo Law Group.