What is a Bail Bond and How Does it Work

There are times that you can find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You will definitely get arrested and then presented to a court of law in Orange County. Since you don’t want to stay in the jail as the case or investigations are underway, you need to apply for the bail. The judge of the court where you were presented will organize for a bail hearing. This is the hearing that will determine whether you should be released on a bail or not. It will also determine the exact amount of bond that you should be given.

A bail bond which is sometimes referred to as a surety bond is simply a written promise that a defendant or a person representing him signs to pay a certain amount of money that has been set by the court. It is simply a financial guarantee that you pay to the court. In most cases, families and even friends are usually involved in posting the bail bond.

In most cases, judges usually give you a high amount of bail and you may end up struggling to raise. In such cases, you have an option of hiring a reliable OC bailbondsman. Immediately after your loved one has been arrested, it is always wise to contact a professional bondsman. The agency will immediately start the process of organizing for your bail bond. It will put all the efforts that will help you to get out of the jail as you wait for your next court appearance.

To streamline the whole process, a bondsman in Orange County will collect some basic information about the defendant. Apart from the personal details, the bondsman will also want to know the exact jail, charges, booking number and hearing dates. From this information, the OC bailbondsman will start organizing for your release.

A bondsman usually involves family members in arranging for the release of the arrested person. Members of your family may end up signing a collateral that will guarantee your appearance in the court. Assets such as cars and property are always used as a collateral. Signing them will discourage you from getting out of the town.

Choose the best OC bailbondsman
Even during such hard times, you should not be in a hurry to choose a bondsman. There are several things that you need to look at when choosing one. They include:
-The period that the agency has been in the service

Failing to pay bail bond means that you will remain locked up in the jail as you wait for your trial, Once the bail has been posted, you will be released within a few hours.