What to do When You Get a DUI in California

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DUI is driving a vehicle while drunk alcohol or taking other drugs. In most of the countries, this is considered a criminal offense. Skyler Grant with DUI Lawyers in Orange County shares numbers, “Statistics show that each year here in California there are approximately 200,000 arrests for DUI. We have cases where people are in trouble and confused all the time. Get a lawyer.” As a result of this, certain California criminal lawyers have a great experience in defending persons facing these charges.

DUI (Driving Under Influence) laws in California are quite complex and vary from state to state. The DUI statutes of a particular state determines the punishment for the DUI charge. Each state has set a legal limit for blood alcohol content. If it is proved that the offender’s blood alcohol content is above the fixed limit, an arrest and penalty will usually follow.

If you are suspected of driving under influence of intoxicants, your blood and urine are first tested. A breathalyzer test is made to measure blood alcohol concentration – the quantity of alcohol found in your blood. Driving while drunk leads to loss of license, time in jail, hefty fines, probation and vehicle impoundments.

Depending upon the situations, DUI laws can charge a wrongdoer with either a felony or a misdemeanor. If a defendant has violated any traffic rule or injured another person, DUI conviction becomes felonies, and in the event of any property damage, it becomes a misdemeanor. In such instances, most offenders seek the assistance of a competent and qualified attorney.

California has two basic DUI laws, according to which it is a misdemeanor to drive drunk and drugs, and it is a misdemeanor to drive with 08% or more of alcohol in your blood.

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Possible DUI Penalties

The legal penalties vary according to the gravity and the number of the offense. For example for driving while under influence of drugs, at the first offense, the Penalty consists in 96 hours – 6 months county jail, fine, six months license suspension, probation, and treatment program. At the second Offense, you can get 96 hours to 1 year county jail time, fine, 24 months license suspension, probation, and treatment program. At the third offense, the penalties vary between 120 days to 1 year county jail time, fine, three years license revocation as a habitual traffic offender.

If driving while under influence drugs caused bodily injury, the penalty at first offense includes 90 days to 1-year county jail, or state prison, one-year license suspension or revocation, probation, and treatment program. It is imperative to find a good lawyer in Califonia to help represent you in the law courts as this is the best chance to realizing better results.