Common Mistakes That Affect Your Worker’s Comp Case

Sustaining injuries in the work-place is daunting. More often than not, you might end up distracted, and this leads to detrimental mistakes that are costly when you decide to find a workers’ comp attorney. While Kentons Law Office is professional and focused on ensuring you get the best settlement, the following things may put a strain on the case:

Not Seeking Medical Attention

The shock that follows an incident sometimes affects your decision-making ability. Some people end up assuming the extent of the damage and avoid seeing a doctor. You end up with no official documentation on injury, symptoms, and treatment, all of which are essential in any settlement case. These records form the foundation of your claim since it is a doctor’s responsibility to determine whether there is an injury.

Not Informing the Employer

Self-evaluation, determining the seriousness of the injury, and assuming that your insurance will cover all costs is a mistake you should avoid. What most people don’t know is that once you tell your doctor that you got hurt at work, personal insurance covers are reluctant to cover the costs. This leaves you with medical expenses that the employer should compensate. Ensure that you report the accident to your employer as soon as possible or within thirty days if you delayed. This makes you eligible for compensation and minimizes complications.

Unclear Details

When you report an incident to the employer, there are numerous bases to cover. This includes time, place, extent, and many other factors. Any discrepancy in the details creates room for doubt, and any incorrect information can discredit your case.

To ensure that you are well in control of the details, document everything. Although the injury may cause confusion and fatigue, your ability to keep it together is crucial. Get copies of all forms of treatment you undergo and the symptoms that warranted the doctor’s cause of action. Also, remember that putting yourself at risk after the injury or disobeying orders and influencing your recovery could lead to a case dismissal.


It is vital to remember that your employer wants to save as much money as possible. Their efforts and actions are for their benefit and not yours. Thus, find a competent lawyer at Kentons Law Office to ensure that you have a qualified professional looking out for you. Their experience, together with your attention to detail and organization, will put you in an excellent position to get the best out of the settlement proceedings.