Brooke McGlothlin

My name is Brooke McGlothlin, and my heart and passion is to stand in the gap for mothers of boys.

Years ago, when my boys were very small, I felt like I was drowning. I'd never really failed at much of anything before becoming a mom. I was driven, goal-oriented, and could work my way out of most anything. 

Motherhood, the thing at which I most wanted to succeed, showed me just how much I needed Jesus. It scraped me, rubbed me raw, and showed me ugly places in my heart I didn't even know existed.

Why does it take motherhood to bring out the worst in us? I think it's maybe because most of us have never really been pressed so hard, pushed so hard, or loved so hard.

I consider it my personal mission to share hope in these messy places of life. I'm pretty real, and I know what it's like to raise hard-to-handle boys.

I believe being a part of the online family of The MOB Society might just be a game-changer for you...not because I'm so amazing, but because we all serve an amazing God who loves our sons more than we do. We're going to press in to him, and expect him to meet us in the mess.

As a welcome into that community, we'd like to send you our free resource, The Parenting Playbook for Christian Moms of Boys — filled with wit and wisdom for the journey of raising boys. You may not be able to see all the moms who have gone before you, cheering you on. But with The Parenting Playbook in your toolkit, you'll hear them loud and clear!